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This Travel Guide is made by more than 70 honours students from the Geoscience Honours faculty of Utrecht University. Together we spent half a year creating, walking and improving different tours in the Netherlands. Besides making the tours, we invited a variety of speakers, who teached us everything about tourism. Egbert van der Zee told us about tourism in the academic field, Wim Kok told us all about running a travel agency and his expectations of tourism development after the pandemic. Furthermore, Jelke Bosma from University of Amsterdam told us all about AirBnB and its impact on the traditional sector, and Bouke van Gorp (Utrecht University) gave a lecture on tourism, imaging of places and the changes in tourism in the past years.

Packed with this information, we created 22 tours, including 3 online tours. Students used audio fragments, visual elements and brochures to make the tours as educational and fun as possible.

The team behind organizing this seminar series consists of four Human Geography & Spatial Planning students: Sophie Alkema, Casper van Beveren, Anna Fial and Tim Slokker. Each of these students devoted a lot of time and energy in creating a fun and interesting seminar series in these challenging times. They did this in co-creation with two honours teachers and researchers Marca Wolfensberger and Francesca Pilo, both connected to the Human Geography and Spatial Planning department as well. Without them, it would not have been possible to create such a varying program and website.