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Rebuilding Rotterdam – Exploring Reused and Newly Built environments In Manhatten aan de Maas.

Exploring Reused and Newly Built Environments in Manhatten aan de Maas

Rotterdam, home of Europe’s largest harbor, was almost completely rebuilt after World War 2. The city went through a myriad of changes over the past 70 years and was greatly affected by deindustrialisation. This tour will explore some of the different faces of Rotterdam, past and present. We will look at how old industrial heritage is reused for contemporary purposes; different building styles of the city over the years and how their purposes change as working-class residents are being replaced by a new middle class; and the impact that the new creative class has on the city.

During this tour you will explore the main post-war developments in Rotterdam and see how some pre-war developments are integrated into the new urban environment of the city. This tour is designed to be followed on foot, although it can also be undertaken by bicycle. On foot at a relaxed pace, taking the time to sit down and have a drink (for example at the Witte de Withstraat!) you should expect to spend about 3,5 hours.

The route starts at the Rotterdam Central Station and ends in the area of Katendrecht, where you can take the metro back to the train station or extend your tour.

For this amazing tour, see the following PDF.

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