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Nijmegen – Route description

Helpful to get a general idea of the route and if you are less familiar with Google Maps.


The tour will start at the train station of Nijmegen that is easy to travel to. The tour will take place by bike, as this is the truthful way to explore the Netherlands.

The tour will take you along the bridge to the other side of the river. When crossing the bridge, you can see the beautiful river and the newly finished project of the Nevengeul. You will then follow the bike path till the station of Lent, from where you will follow the road available for bikes along the bigger road back in de direction of the city. Near the Waal, you will go left and cross the bigger road and follow the dyke. There along the river, you can have a view of the beautiful skyline of Nijmegen. At the end of the dyke, you follow the other dyke in the direction of the city to reach the island Vleur-Lent.

After that, you can continue and bike to the newly renovated ‘Waalbrug’. You go onto the bridge and when you are back on the mainland you turn right and then go to the right under the bridge. You will then leave the city and turn left. From there you just follow the dyke, and you end up in the beautiful and peaceful nature of the ‘Ooijpolder’.

Then you will follow the dyke and when you have been passed all the houses in the hamlet (gehucht) Tiengeboden you will take the next way right (this can be seen clearly in the pictures of the route and the google maps) and end up at the ‘Bisonbaai’, a well-known place to swim. There is also time for a break to eat and drink, and maybe visit the restaurant ‘Oortjeshekken’ for a coffee (to-go).

After that, you will take the same road back but keep right and go another route through nature back to the city. On your way back, you will at some point end up at the same route as the way up. You will follow the same route back to the city and after going under the bridge, you keep right to end up at the quay (the ‘Waalkade’).

You will follow the quay till you have to turn left, you do so and at the next crossing you go straight (short left and immediately right) and bike up the hill along the ‘Kronenburgerpark’. You take the first right and end up back at the train station where you can bring your OV-bike back.