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Gouda – Breaking Clichés

Breaking Clichés: Gouda is more than just cheese 

The city

Gouda is located in South-Holland. It is also known as the cheese city of the Netherlands. There are plenty of beautiful discoveries to be made here. The historical city centre is full of sightseeing attractions, for example, the Market or the Sint Janskerk. If you were to go beyond the city centre, you’d stumble upon de Goudse Hout and the Reeuwijkse Plassen. De Goudse Hout is a nature reserve open to the public for recreation.  

Gouda was the optimal place for a tour because of its easy connection to Utrecht. Furthermore, the historical value of the city is widely known. However the city is, in our opinion, not explored enough by its visitors. Many people seem to forget that Gouda has beautiful nature landscapes nearby. This brings us to the theme of this tour: breaking clichés.

Breaking Clichés 

The tour is set out to go in and beyond the historical centre of Gouda. By breaking the clichés, we hope to broaden the horizons of our audience. The first thing that may pop in someone’s head when hearing the word ‘Gouda’ is cheese. We most certainly do not ignore this feature and its past, since the past always needs to be acknowledged to go further. However, we hope that our audience thinks of more words such as ‘nature’, ‘exploration’ and ‘trade’ the next time Gouda is mentioned.

The tour

The tour is essentially built up in two parts. The first part explores the city centre by foot and the second part explores the Reeuwijkse Plassen by bicycle (ov bikes). The tour is a GPS tour. This means that via the app ‘Actionbound’ people will be guided to several locations (https://actionbound.com/bound/Gouda). Once arrived at those locations, the group will get a multiple choice question on that specific location/topic. After the question has been answered, the group will receive more information on that location and/or building. The information will also serve as an explanation of the previously answered question. The tour can be started from anywhere in the world, but since you need to travel to the locations to get ‘points’, we recommend you start from the central station of Gouda ;). When the first part of the tour ends, you will be guided back to the central station, where you can pick up ov-bikes. We also recommend buying some food, in case you want to picnic at the Reeuwijkse Plassen (you will be notified in the app). If the weather is really good, you could also go for a swim. Once you’ve arrived at the Reeuwijkse Plassen, you will get your last question. The tour will essentially be over in the app. We recommend exploring the area on your own. The app will show you a possible route that the organising group has already explored. As can be seen in the attached pictures, we had fun!

The tour can be accessed by scanning the QR code below! Please download the app ‘Actionbound’ to answer all questions.

In conclusion…

After all, this tour through Gouda is the tour that leads you through the beautiful spots of the city centre and the Reeuwijkse Plassen, by means of the actionbound app. Let us know what you thought of the tour and we are curious what you will think

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