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The Hague – Experience 2 sides of the city

Experience two sides of The Hague

A tour through the city centre and nature  

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The Hague is a city with two completely different faces, and in this tour, you will get to know both. Obviously, The Hague is known as the political capital of the Netherlands and many important decisions are made here every day. Moreover, this city is also an international city of peace and justice. In this tour you will also learn something about this. However, most people tend to forget that The Hague also contains many places to enjoy outside living. Therefore, you will visit some lovely parks and nature and of course the wonderful beach of Scheveningen.  

In this tour you will be introduced to the two opposite characteristics of The Hague: serious politics and outside relaxation. The tour starts at The Hague central station. Immediately after you leave the train station, you are standing next to multiple enormous skyscrapers. These buildings contain all the different important ministries of the   Netherlands, for example the ministry of justice, education, interior affairs, infrastructure and social affairs. You might not have thought of it that often, but in these buildings extremely important decisions are being taken that affect the future of the Netherlands. When you walk through the Binnenhof, the political place-to-be in the Netherlands. If you are lucky, you might spot some politicians!  

Now we have had enough of the serious politics. It is time to relax a bit and luckily The Hague is the perfect location for this. The Hague possesses multiple large parks and a lot of ‘green places’, such as little shops or restaurants. The Scheveningse bosjes is a large park and many inhabitants of The Hague spend their time here to relax. You can either relax in the spring sun, feed the swans in the pond, do sports with your friends or admire the beautiful rose garden: everything is possible!  


The green colours of the park will slowly be replaced by the scent of the sea, as you get closer to The Hague’s famous beach: Scheveningen. Thousands of people visit this place every year to enjoy the sun and the water. On the pier of Scheveningen there are little shops and restaurants, as well as a Ferris wheel, from which you have a stunning overview of The Hague. The perfect spot to finish your tour with a drink and enjoy the good life of The Hague. 

In summary, this tour is ideal for people that want to spend their day in an educational as well as relaxing way. It is very interesting to visit the places where most of the decisions that affect our daily life are being taken. However, The Hague is so much more than that. In the parks, the local shops and the uncountably many restaurants, you will experience The Hague in a whole different way. As see the local people walking by, you will get a unique impression of life in this city. 


Practical information 

This tour will be around 7 kilometres, and will take 2-3 hours walking, depending on the amounts of stops.  

This tour comes with audio fragments in which we talk about the main attraction points of this tour. Make sure that you will visit these points, as they form the basis of this tour. These attractions points are the following: 

  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs  
  2. Binnenhof  
  3. Rusthofje  
  4. Palace Noordeinde / Palace Garden / Postzegelboom 
  5. Embassies 
  6. Peace Palace  
  7. International Court of Justice  
  8. De Scheveningse Bosjes 
  9. Indisch monument / Indië-monument 
  10. Madurodam 
  11. Rose garden 
  12. De Pier  

From Scheveningen you can take the tram back to the central station of The Hague. 

You can access the audios by this link:  https://teams.microsoft.com/_#/school/files/Group%205?threadId=19%3Aebf3cd1bd2fd4dda8507dcf4d088f4f8%40thread.tacv2&ctx=channel&context=Audio%2520fragments&rootfolder=%252Fsites%252FGeoHonoursSeminarsperiod3-49%252FShared%2520Documents%252FGroup%25205%252FAudio%2520fragments 

To navigate your way through The Hague, we made a map for you, so you won’t get lost. The points A-J correspond to the main attraction points that are also discussed in the audio tour. We also highlighted those with yellow marks. Additionally, we added some brown marks for optional sights, that are interesting to visit, but are not part of our tour.  

The link to the map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1lfxlLpeqBka8Onw6Oc6B482U06ljjCF-&amp%3Busp=sharing&ll=52.16145291653869%2C4.547164281988185&z=9    

We hope you enjoy this tour through The Hague!