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Amersfoort – Medieval

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Binding the present with the Medieval past

A two hours walking tour in Medieval Amersfoort

The city

Amersfoort’s greatest treasure is its rich past. It is widely known for its multitude of historic buildings, quaint streets, canals, and the subtle details transport you to the city’s medieval roots in the thirteen century. In this era, Amersfoort belonged to the bishop of Utrecht, who granted Amersfoort city rights in 1259. Besides, the bishop built a large farm, which brought a lot of activity to the settlement, such as Medieval breweries. Until this day, Amersfoort preserves a real flavor of the Middle Ages, with its wall-houses, city gates, and historic sites. The reason that there are so many medieval buildings preserved, is because the city evaded the big bombardments by the Germans and did not have a major fire that burned down the city. For this reason, the tour is focused on Medieval history, which is possible to discover by respecting COVID-19 regulations of the country. In fact, the remains of that time, together with historical landmarks, such as breweries, can be easily viewed from the outside, walking around the city. The location is relevant to Utrecht University students that are willing to discover a side of Dutch history, they do not encounter in their daily university life.

The tour

Our tour will take the participants through Amersfoort, which is widely known as the medieval water city in the middle of the Netherlands. The tour will start at Amersfoort Central Station, which is just outside the old town and it is surrounded by modern office high rises. The central station is easily reachable from Utrecht Central Station with different transportation modes, such as by car, train (between 10 and 20 minutes), bus, or even by bike. It is up to the participants to choose how to get there. However, after a short 10-minute walk from the train station, participants will enter a completely different world. Hereby, the city center is easily reachable, since the municipality of Amersfoort arranged arrows on the ground which will lead you to the old city center. For the brochure of this tour, click here; Amersfoort, Creative photo quest. In this brochure, you will find information about the stops.

Practical information

In this tour, we have seventeen steps planned around the city, which are all related to the Medieval history of Amersfoort. The tour is on foot because the city center is compact and not reachable by bike. You will get to know the rich history of Amersfoort to form a new perspective and will be stimulated to think critically since this tour has a creative photo quest included. This creative part includes pictures of the steps with some relevant information about the places. Click here for a link to the route of the tour in Google Maps. We stimulate participants to think theoretically and critically since the tour binds the past with the present. Whereby the tour will integrate contemporary art and architecture that Amersfoort has to offer nowadays.

Finally, this tour will captivate people to be a part of this experience, whereby the tour will be composed of evenly spaced-out stops, cultural related, and some steps to take a break. Some restaurants are open or have arranged takeaway lunchboxes and hot drinks, if you do not want to sit in a restaurant/café because of COVID-19, we recommend packing your own lunch. As an extra, we added some calm places in the photo quest where you can enjoy their lunch. Make yourself comfortable!

In conclusion…

Amersfoort is known for its rich past of Medieval buildings, canals, and quaint streets. The main goal of our tour is to stimulate critical thinking by involving the participants of the tour into the Medieval background of Amersfoort and to make use of a creative photo quest, where we bind the past with the present and modern surroundings.

Amersfoort, Creative photo quest